Upcoming Events

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October 25, 2014 At 2:00pm-4:00pm
Newton White Mansion, Mitchellville, MD


October 25, 2014 At 7:00pm-9:00pm
CAMELOT, Mitchellville, MD

We Are Blu Neffu Band!

BLU NEFFU is the “QUALITY” entertainment you’ve been looking for. We provide a responsible, talented and professional entertainment package that can fit all of your needs.

Come on in and browse, listen to the music and view the visuals. Check out our events schedule and if you have seen BLU NEFFU before, come see us again; and if for the first time, come experience a band that possesses a unique sonic texture that will take you on a musical journey that you won't soon forget.  

With great pride, we present to you BLU NEFFU.

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Event Services

BLU NEFFU can provide you with all of your entertainment needs including:

  • Event Coordination
  • Music Groups
  • DJ's
  • Sound Systems
  • Backline
  • Lighting
  • Staging